Pastoring is hard,

especially in your 20s.


Convenient, on-demand training

& community for only $10 per month.

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Pastoring is hard, especially in your 20s.

Even in a world of instant-access and connection, many young Pastors struggle with accessing affordable training needed for the task and the proper friendships that they desire.

With our online membership, Valor Leadership Academy, you will find just what you’ve been looking for.

Begin your new season today.

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There are 4 ways you can grow with Valor.

Which one is right for you?

Option 1 (Most Popular)

Valor Leadership Academy

Online Coaching, Community, Courses, & More

  • Lead more effectively & efficiently.
  • Model servant-leadership & courage.
  • Maximize your team members' passions and skillsets.
  • Resolve conflict that's hindering unity and synergy.
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Option 1 (b) 

Valor Leadership Academy

*For Non-Profits & Their Entire Teams

Online Coaching, Community, Courses, & More

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Option 2

2 x One-On-One Sessions

Online or In-Person

  • Receive personalized coaching with accountability.
  • Find greater rhythm, disciplines, & fulfillment.
  • Lay down busyness & pick up productivity. 
  • Create more time for your social life.
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Option 3

Team Development Workshops

Online or In-Person

  • Have fun with your team & relax for once.
  • Further identify and establish your organization's culture across all people and departments.
  • Significantly increase your organizations communication and collaboration efficacy.
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Option 4

Leadership Keynotes

Online or In-Person

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We're perfect for each other if you're a Pastor (or future Pastor) in your 20s and asking...

  • "How do I lead teams?"
  • "How do I lead people older than myself?"
  • "How do I officiate a wedding?"
  • "How do I propose budgets?"
  • "How do I resolve conflict?"
  • "How do I draw boundaries with the opposite sex?"
  • "How do I utilize social media effectively?"
  • "How do I perform a funeral?"
  • "How do I communicate from the platform?"

& much more ... all while having a life outside of "work".

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Trusted By

Ronny Ford

CEO, Landscaping Industry

Durant, Oklahoma

"I have been a client of Valor for a year now and they have helped my business reach new heights, as well as my personal life. Tyler and his team are well above top notch here in the leadership industry."

Aaron Watson


Shreveport, Louisiana

"I’ve never had coaching that was more laser beam accurate for my specific situation. Tyler Wooten is a consistent voice of encouragement and guidance that motivates me to chase after my passion and calling. I can not recommend Valor Coaching enough."

Brandi Sharkey

CEO, Home & Decor Industry

Bossier City, Louisiana

"We loved having Tyler and his team lead our team meeting! We left full of positivity and felt more connected with each other! It was a wonderful experience!"

Jonathan Burks

CEO, Real-Estate Investor

Shreveport, Louisiana

"Tyler absolutely EXCEEDED my expectations and went above and beyond to be sure that the marketing lined up with my vision. Whatever project Tyler takes on he takes it on with passion and determination.  Wish I had more projects to be able to utilize his gifts!"

Jenny Johnson

CEO, Wedding Photography Industry

Shreveport, Louisiana

"Tyler is extremely organized, always efficient, a great communicator and very pro-active on effecting change for the better in any environment." 

Mark Nelson


Rowlett, Texas

"Tyler's insight into structures and systems of leadership is phenomenal. I've seen him take systems in crisis from turmoil to stability in relatively short time frames."

Ryan De La Rosa 

Realtor & Non-Profit President

Harlingen, Texas

"Tyler Wooten is the leader of leaders. He's such a humble and honorable human being. His love, empathy, wisdom and discipline has not only grown me as an individual, but also as a leader. Make no mistake, Tyler Wooten is the leader that everyone needs to look to."

Claire Burks

CEO, Vacation Rental Industry

Shreveport, Louisiana

"Valor Coaching is exactly what any business or person needs that wants to have healthy counsel and growth in their businesses! They help you learn new things but also grow your strengths to accomplish your goals! I know I will use Valor Coaching every time we need direction in our business and even in my personal life!"

Audrey Collins

Entrepreneur, Beauty Industry

Stonewall, Louisiana

"Tyler is the perfect balance of professional/knowledgeable and helpful/approachable! 

The way he is able to pair practical business tips with biblical principles is the sweet spot for me.

I truly believe that the mentorship and assistance I received being a part of the Valor family is what prepared me personally and professionally for the explosion of growth I’ve experienced in my team and my business the last 2 months.”