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  • A Network Of Encouraging Leaders
  • A Grateful Team & Fulfilled Congregants


Are you experiencing lacks in your leadership role?

If 'yes', welcome to the rest of us.

This is why Valor Leadership Academy Exists.


As a Pastor, your objective is simple. You want to inspire, encourage, disciple, promote, and play a part in the progression and potential of the people you serve. But becoming a competent leader has its complications. Without the right training, resources, discipline, or planning, you won’t be able to lead yourself – let alone others.


Let’s Fix That – Together!

Welcome to Valor Leadership Academy, where we’re committed to increasing your credibility as a leader. We offer you the chance to come on board as a member of our leadership community. Here, you’ll gain access to all of the advice, information, resources, and encouragement you need to become a leader worth looking up to. 


Enhancing You Personally.

Advancing You Professionally. 


Quality Leadership Guidance and Support

To become a competent leader, you need the right training and resources to inform your role. At Valor Leadership Academy, we provide on-demand and affordable leadership guidance and support. Our community comprises expert leadership coaches, pastors, mentors, and leaders. We offer a safe, practical, and proven space for you to become a competent leader through content, courses, and a collaborative community.


It All Starts With You

At Valor Leadership Academy, our philosophy is simple. Before you can become a competent leader, you have to become a confident individual first. Because leadership is all about analyzing and improving the potential of others, you must understand your personal power first. As a member, you’ll uncover the true power of an internal approach. Once you’ve unlocked your full potential, you’ll be able to do the same for the people you serve – with ease.


Servant Leadership at its Finest

The leadership guidance and support you’ll receive as a member of the Valor Leadership Academy community centers around servant leadership. You’ll quickly see how our experienced mentors are ready and available to make sure you shine. Their hope? That you learn to do the same for the people under your leadership. Although, like you, our mentors and coaches are there to show you the way, it’s all for the benefit of your growth and development – not theirs.


Unlock Your Leadership Style

Because every leader is unique, the way they lead should also take a personal approach. Some leaders are more emotional and nurturing, while others prefer to keep things to the point. Whether you wish to take a more personal or professional approach, we’ll give you the leadership guidance and support you need to develop your leadership style appropriately. 


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Become The Leader Your People Need to Succeed


If you want to become a competent leader, join our community today. We’re eager and available to give you the advice and information you need to lead with confidence and courage. Sign up for our paid membership today, and lead the people you serve into the future – tomorrow.